Why can, and why can with us? Read below to find out!

Why can?

Beer Quality

Light exposure is harmful to beer. It can destroy a beer’s flavour profile, replacing it with a “skunky” smell and taste. Even brown glass doesn’t exclude 100% of light. Simply put - cans do.
Another enemy of flavourful beer is oxygen. Properly seamed cans have consistently shown to be better at preventing oxygen exposure when compared to crown topped bottles. Don’t produce beer? Cans are also a superior packaging method for all other types of craft beverages for the same reasons as those that improve beer quality – UV light protection and high quality air-tightness.

Environmental Impact

Cans require less fuel to transport when compared to bottles, and therefore leave a smaller carbon footprint. It is estimated that 57% less CO2 is generated in distribution of cans relative to both glass and plastic bottles.
Aluminium is easier to recycle than glass. The average aluminium can is made from 68% recycled material. It requires 96% less energy to produce a new can than one from virgin material. In contrast the reduction for recycled glass is only 26.5%. This means that the energy required to produce the typical can is substantially less than the typical glass bottle.

Transport and Storage

You can fit up to 71% more cans in any given space when compared to glass bottles. This has the potential to greatly reduce transport cost, opening up a range of distribution opportunities both at home and abroad.

Versatility & Convenience

From a drinkers’ point of view, the versatility of the aluminium can is unrivalled. They are lighter and can be carried with no risk of breakage. Cans can be cooled at a much faster rate than bottles. Speaking of which, a consumer or retailer can fit far more canned beer in their fridge than its bottled equivalent!

Why us?

Full Service

We provide an “All-Inclusive” service. We provide the branded cans, machinery and labour. You focus on producing great beer and we will turn it into a neat pallet (or 2, 3, 4, or more!) of professionally branded cans ready for distribution.

We Come to You

Unlike many existing packaging services, we can your product at your premises. Without the need to transport your unpackaged beer to an off-site packaging plant, we reduce costs, as well as minimising wastage and quality issues.

We're Local

We are 100% Irish owned and operated. We support Irish producers, who with our service can rest assured that their product is not only locally produced, but also locally packaged. With our base in the midlands of Ireland, we offer unrivalled flexibility. Never more than a few hours down the road, we’re ready when your beer is!


For orders of c. 56,500 units or over (7 large pallets), we provide pre-printed aluminium cans. This can be drawn down over numerous canning runs over a period of up to 18 months. During this period, we store your empty cans at no extra cost. For lower volumes, we use digitally printed shrink sleeves applied to blank cans. Shrink sleeves are without a doubt the most aesthetically pleasing low volume labelling option, making them ideal for one-off and seasonal brews. Whilst 330ml cans remain the most popular within the craft beverage industry; we can also offer 250ml and 500ml cans.

Put your capital into core business

Why tie up hundreds of thousands of euro in a canning line which you may only require once or twice a week when you could invest in your core business. Even for larger customers we are confident that our contract canning solution is cost effective. Let us specialise in canning and you specialise in producing great beer!

Quality Assurance

Stringent quality control is at the heart of our service. Attention to detail in every element of our process is backed up by in-house and external technical resources. Please see Our Process for more information.

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